Here's some old doodles I keep out of a misplaced sense of history rather than any lingering belief that I can actually draw. I guess no-one's ever suggested that conceptual art is reliant on technical skill, so if I make it big I can always drag these out to make a buck. Buy a formative Krapski original! Get in on the ground floor!
Above: Various 1 - 20 minute life drawing sketches done on a digital tablet because paper and charcoal are so yesterday.
​​​​​​​From left to right: various life drawing sketches; a winning entry in a poster design competition that offered NO prize money; hands and whales; my favourite cadaver from the anatomy museum I regularly snuck into when I was younger. (I thought it'd be worthwhile to try to believe, really believe, that we're all just made of our constituent parts).
I also draw on other things, like studio walls, skateboards and nightclub walls (to a time limit).
... and on bicycle and motorcycle helmets. (Because staying busy is important).